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bu_0.gif (89 bytes)In his own words, the Teacher speaks about:
bu_level2.gif (94 bytes)Our purpose here on Earth
bu_level2.gif (94 bytes)The value of service
bu_level2.gif (94 bytes)The future
bu_level2.gif (94 bytes)How to create happiness in your life
bu_level2.gif (94 bytes)Letting go of fear
bu_level2.gif (94 bytes)Why there is suffering, and how to change it
bu_level2.gif (94 bytes)Why he is here
bu_level2.gif (94 bytes)How to recognize him
bu_level2.gif (94 bytes)Himself
bu_level2.gif (94 bytes)Words of comfort
bu_0.gif (89 bytes)Words and images: Slide show
bu_0.gif (89 bytes)Frequently asked questions
bu_level2.gif (94 bytes)Is the Teacher a man, like us? Or, is he a God?
bu_level2.gif (94 bytes)Where is the Teacher?
bu_level2.gif (94 bytes)If true, why haven't I heard about this?
bu_level2.gif (94 bytes)When will we see the Teacher?
bu_level2.gif (94 bytes)How can I receive more information?
bu_0.gif (89 bytes)Search this web site
bu_0.gif (89 bytes)Request for more information

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