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Words of comfort

"Wherever you may look in the world today you will find change. From top to bottom the fabric of the old and decaying order is rent. From this can we derive much satisfaction, for despite the pain involved in this process a new and better world emerges. Therefore, my friends, take comfort from this fact and look to the future with hope. My plans shall not fail. My emergence takes place. My gifts shall I bestow, my words shall guide. My will shall strengthen. My teaching shall show you the nature of God."

"Be not afraid, my friends, for all will be well. The New Light shines, the New Country beckons, and in that country I shall show you the wonders of God."

"When you see me you will know, my friends, that the New Time indeed has begun: the time of building the new signposts to the future; the time to establish among all peoples correct relationship and trust; to advance together in Harmony and Sharing, lighting a path for those who will follow."

"Know that my Love is with you always.
Know that my Shield protects you.
Know that my Will upholds you.
Know this, my friends, and fear not."

"My heart embraces all who know me, who come to me for help. Thus shall it always be. My brothers and sisters, my help is yours to command: you have only to ask."

"Take heart, my friends. All will be well. All manner of things will be well."

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