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Letting go of fear

"Many are those who see a future black indeed. Wretched in fear, they await the end. My promise is this: for all men dawns a future bathed in the light of God’s Truth. Hearken to that truth, my friends, and prove this to be so."

"My coming is not without problems, for I do engender in all I meet a sense of a new and mysterious future.
This causes many to fear, but without cause, my friends. All should know that the future for all men, through my presence, is bright indeed. A new and wholesome brotherhood will flourish among men, and the Justice of God shall be found arrayed in the Glory of God. I come to teach you this. I come to show you the way."

Courtesy: United Nations"No man need fear for the future when my Shield shall cover him. No man need fear want when my Principle governs. No man need feel separate from God when my Way beckons."

"My Love will sustain you.
My Law will guide you.
My Heart enfolds you always.
My friends, be not afraid – you have nothing to fear but your fear."

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Last modified: 11/01/99