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How to recognize him

"Know me by the simplicity of my utterance. Know me by the love of my heart, by my deeds of succour, by my call to all men to share and live in peace. Know me thus, my friends, and give me your help."

"Many will see me soon and at first may be surprised at my appearance, for I am not the preacher of old; but have come simply to point the way, to show the path which must be trodden, back to the Source and into harmony, beauty, and justice. My task is a simple one: to show you the way. You, my friends, have the difficult task of building a new world, a new country, a new truth; but together we shall triumph."

"My aim is to present myself to the world in such a fashion that no-one will mistake me for other than I am."

"When you see me you will know why I have come, for I shall appeal to you in these terms:
Save my little ones; feed your brothers. Remember that mankind is One, children of the One Father. Make over, in trust, the goods of the Earth to all who are in need. Do this now and save the world. Thus shall I speak; so shall be my appeal; and when mankind has accepted this Law I shall declare myself."

"Many are the ways in which you may recognize me. Look for me, my friends, as a teacher of men, outlining the possibilities of the New Time."

"Look for me then as your brother and friend. Seek me in the midst of your brothers."

"When you see me, you will recognize a friend from long past. One who has taught you often before."

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