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"Soon you will know...
A new spirit of hope is entering the Earth." 

A great Teacher--for all humanity--has appeared in our midst.
Presented here are some of the words and ideas expressed by him while, during these past years, making his initial emergence into public view.

  The Teacher speaks about:

Our purpose here on Earth
The value of service
The future
How to create happiness in your life
Letting go of fear
Why there is suffering, and how to change it
Why he is here
How to recognize him
Words of comfort

This web site presents selected excerpts from a collection of messages given by the Teacher to the modern world. They are intended to alert a troubled world that God---by whatever name you call Him---has once again sent a Representative to humanity to help us realize and demonstrate in practical terms the Love which is our true nature.

This web site is maintained by a worldwide network of volunteers who have taken the words of the Teacher to heart and wish to share this profound message of hope with others. If, after viewing the content of this web site, you would like to request further information, please visit the More information page.

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Last modified: 09/05/11